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5 Steps to The Perfect Vacation Magazine

Posted on 07 July 2014 in the category Tips and inspiration .

Prolong that great vacation feeling by using these 5 steps to create the perfect vacation magazine with your travel companions! It’s a great way to memorialize your vacation and a wonderful way to show off your vacation photos to family, friends and colleagues.

A vacation magazine is a cool alternative to a photoalbum, it takes up less space and looks great on your bookshelf (or magazine rack).

5 Step Vacation Magazine

  1. Start by picking out all your best vacation photos and uploading them to the online editor. Keep in mind though: this isn’t a photo album, it’s a magazine, so you can get really creative and have fun with it!
  2. Use the vacation related images and symbols in the editor to get inspiration for your page designs. 
  3. Some photos are deserving of a full two page spread. Read how to do that here.
  4. Write about what was happening when the photo was taken. You can write an anecdote or write about that particular day of the vacation, like a diary. You can also write about how you felt, what you liked about that moment or day or why you decided to take that particular photo. Columns are a great way to stretch a piece of text too, and make it easy to format your text around your photos. 
  5. Use related photos as a front and back cover to give it a professional look!

Vacation Magazine

From a trip to Rome and a Mediteranean cruise. 

Pamela on making her Vacation Magazine: "I loved making this magazine with my boyfriend. Together we relived all the wonderful moments we shared and we got really excited thinking about sharing it with family and friends. Now, we have our very own vacation magazine at home and we sent our in-laws both a copy too!"

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