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Editing Tip: Create Your Own Template

Posted on 30 November 2013 in the category Tips and inspiration .

Templates make creating your own magazine easier, by doing some of the work for you. Just select the template you’d like to use and personalise it to look just the way you want it to!

Did You Know?

Did you know you can create your very own template too? With your own template, you can create a theme for you magazine that you can reuse on every page. Using your template is not only and easy way to create your magazine, it also gives your magazine that professional touch that will make it look like a real magazine!

How To Create Your Own Template

Making your own template is very easy. Once you’ve logged in and navigated to the ‘My magazines’ page, simply follow these steps to make your own reusable template:

  1. Click on the Magazine you’d like to make a template for, or, Start a New Magazine.
  2. Click on a page in the chosen magazine (this page will be the template)
  3. Edit the page with all the elements you would like in your template
  4. Save the page when you’re done
  5. That’s it!

In order to use this page as a template, simply navigate to the ‘My pages’ button in the online editing room, and pick the page you just made in order to copy it to a blank page.

As you can see, all your other pages are visible in the ‘My pages’ menu as well, and can also be used as templates. However, not every page is just as suitable for a template.

A few tips on what a good template should contain

  • Background (How to design a great magazine background
  • Textblocks with your magazine’s text fonts, sizes and color (this way you don’t have to select the right font, size and color on every new page, just pick the template and start typing!)
  • Columns (How to create Colums
  • Spread (This is an image on two pages. A spread takes some time to create, so making it a template saves you time if you want to use the spread again. Click here to find out how to do a spread, scroll down on the page to find the explanation)

We hope you find these tips useful! Try them out now on your own magazine or create a new one.

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