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Content Tip: Letters to the Editor

Posted on 04 November 2013 in the category Tips and inspiration .

What makes a good magazine? Of course, the cover plays a big part, but the recurring pages like columns, letters to the editor and funny pages are also a big part of what makes a magazine succesful. In this article we’d like to inspire you to create a great ‘letters to the editor’ page for your magazine.

It’s a golden oldie, the ‘letters to the editor’ page. And the fun part is that nothing is too crazy to put into this page. You can let your imagination (and that of your co-editors) run wild. You can write all sorts of short letters with real or fake senders.

How to

Start by giving each of the letters a short but descriptive title. Add a few reader submitted photos to breathe some life into the page.

A few subject examples:

  • A reaction to a fake article from a previous magazine publications
  • A message that relates to a hobby of your family member, friend or colleague
  • An inspirational or funny quote from someone you know
  • A fake complaint or compliment relating to something in the family, on the workfloor or among friends
  • A practical tip (DIY for around the house or an easy decorating tip)
  • An inspirational anecdote

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