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“Our members have really liked it”

Posted on 05 November 2014 in the category Customer stories.

This experience comes to us from Leandra. A go-getter that has set up a website and online magazine to bring together young aspiring designers.

She found Jilster as she was looking for a place to create a magazine for her website. “Jilster seemed like the most professional choice with lots of options”.

The magazine is called the ‘Society Reader’. “The society reader is a monthly magazine for my fashion design site as the members grow. Many of our members have really liked it because they can get inside looks at upcoming things and read more on new changes.”

Leandra has a tip for our members: “My biggest tip is to work on the presentation, that will catch everyone's attention and make them want to read more.”

She will continue to use Jilster for the monthly ‘Society Readers’. “Yes, I've been using jilster almost a year now and will continue to for our monthly magazines.”

Keep up the great work Leandra!

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